Why I am Running for Oklahoma State Senate

What we need to take this Senate District Back

It takes strong leadership and money to win, so I’m asking BIG knowing that you will give BIG


  • Four mailings                 $14,000
  • 500 Yard Signs               $1,500
  • Facebook Advertising  $1,000
  • Rack Cards                     $975
  • Walking App                  $800
  • 100 Large Signs            $1400
  • 2500 Business Cards   $110
  • Text Marketing              $1000
Friends, I cannot win this race without your help to restore our common values.
I am asking BIG knowing that you will GIVE BIG.


The maximum amount that one person can donate is $2900. A married couple can donate $5800 from a joint checking account. Campaign donations are not tax deductible. Follow the prompts to contribute any amount. 

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