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Endorsed by Debbie Taylor Broken Arrow School Board Member

Debbie Taylor BA school Board

"Dana Prieto is a family man who will be a strong conservative leader. He understands the schools in Oklahoma need to be financially accountable to Oklahomans. We need Dana Prieto in the Oklahoma State Senate.

Debbie Taylor

Broken Arrow OK School Board

Endorsed By E'lena Ashley Tulsa School Board Member

E'lena Ashley Tulsa School Board

"Dana Prieto is someone who wants accountability in schools and has strong work ethics and community ties. He's proven himself to be a strong leader of our community. He's willing to consistently stand for Christian Conservative values. I believe he will stand for the people he serves."

E'lena Ashley

Tulsa School Board

I have a vision to create excellence in our schools and support parents all the way. Together, we will make Oklahoma schools the best they have ever been. I have a vision for Liberty in Oklahoma and it must include great schools that put academics first and recognize parents rights, all at the same time.

-The most important priority in education should be academics. As I talk with parents in Senate District 34 I hear them say "The most important thing in my child's education is NOT critical race theory, social emotional learning or gender ideology, we need to get back to core subjects." 

-A conservative government is the transfer (or return) of power to its constituents. When it comes to public schools it is WE THE PARENTS. I will work to enable local control anywhere possible, whether that be in schools or other government entities.

-Transparency of policy and curriculum is important at every level. The parents should know what is in school libraries and anything they are teaching their children that is not reading writing and arithmetic. I will always vote in favor of transparency as this enables parents to make informed decisions.

-I recognize parents as the final decision-makers in the home. Parents do not co-parent with the government, the school, or the school board.  I will always vote to recognize parental rights.

-Improving education in Oklahoma is a priority for me.  I will work with legislators to evaluate our status quo in education and to find long-term solutions for improvement in Oklahoma’s public schools.  We have so many wonderful students and teachers in our state who deserve the very best possible outcome.

Debbie Taylor Broken Arrow School Board Talks About Parents Rights

Dr. Howard Howard Hatcher Speaks to Dana about CRT


Strong Stance on Abolishing all forms

Update. Since Roe vs Wade has been over turned. The repugnant clause mentioned below, no longer matters.

It is up to the state to decide what they want

to do about abortion and in Oklahoma measures were taken to end it if RVW was over turned.

When it comes to abortion Dana says "End it" he also understands as an Oklahoma

Senator that is easier said than done, because as Senator you only can pass bills that

whittle away at abortion perhaps making it a little more difficult to get one in the 

State. The real power to end abortion is in the Governor's hands. The reason 

Senators and State Representatives do not have the power to end abortion even if 

they pass a law outlawing it in the State is because of our State Constitution, the 

Oklahoma State Supreme Court will throw that law out calling it unconstitutional. 

According to our current Oklahoma State Constitution, our State cannot do anything

that can be construed as “repugnant to the U.S. Constitution.” Unfortunately, 

because of Roe v. Wade, abortion is considered constitutional. Until we fix our State 

Constitution and get us out from under the Federal thumb of Washington D.C. and 

other such over-reaching Federal restrictions by striving to restore Oklahoma's  

sovereignty, we are not going to be able to end it. So, changing our State 

Constitution is a must! It is interesting to note that when Oklahoma State Question 

that allowed the state to have "medical marijuana" The Supreme court did not come 

in and say...but this is repugnant to the federal constitution!


This Woman has Made a Very Funny Video About a Very Serious Subject


- Transparency in medical pricing is essential to hassle-free care, and I will work towards this goal.

- Fostering an environment for improved competition for medical care will result in better care at better prices

- I believe firmly in informed consent. I have always and will continue to oppose medical mandates.

2nd Amendment

Leave My Guns Alone

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
 The right of Oklahoma Citizens to keep and bear arms per the 2nd Amendment is not up for debate. The radical left and their communist agenda have clearly stated their desire to disarm the citizens of these United States. As a legislator I would be obligated and legally equipped to ensure that within our borders, 2nd Amendment rights are actively defended. Progressives, Communists and Marxists within our country are becoming more aggressive in their attempts to strip our rights away. We can no longer afford to just play defense and wait for the left to make the first move. We must be preemptive in establishing our liberties.

City Councils and Local School Boards


Over 25 years ago, the Democrats spent over $20 million on a study to figure out how they could gain influence in the nation. What they discovered was that by infiltrating local school boards and city councils through the electoral process, that over time, those left thinking ideas would prevail. The reason for this is that local elections would install leaders able to shape ideas both in our schools and in society.


Raise Tax Revenue NOT TaxesContrary to popular belief among Democrats and RINOS (Republicans in Name Only), raising taxes is not the answer to all budget problems. In 2018, Oklahoma witnessed a multi–school district closure. Teachers in Oklahoma, dissatisfied with their current salaries and lack of resources, took to protesting in the streets including at the State Capitol demanding raises. Yet there was no accountability for the TAX revenue already raised for schools in this area. Dana said at that time that our teachers deserve a raise. However, the biggest tax hike in the State's history was NOT the way to do it. Dana noted that in Pawhuska, Mrs. Ree Drummond, a successful entrepreneur, single-handedly raised the tax revenue in that community by 25%. Note that this was not a tax hike but an increase in tax revenue as a direct result of the increased business activity and tourism in that area. Dana is convinced that there are more great business ideas to be uncovered in the great State of Oklahoma that would raise tax revenue. Dana was very glad to see Governor Stitt install Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell over tourism, because as a businessman himself, Governor Stitt understood that tax revenue can be increased without Oklahomans having to pay any additional taxes.


accountabilityOn June 8, 2021, Tulsans voted on the 2021 Bond for Tulsa Public Schools, a $414 million increaseEven Democrat members of the school board asked citizens to vote no because there had been no accountability with the last multi millions they were given. The Tulsa school board was given multi-millions about 5 years ago to renovate school buildings many of those school buildings closed instead of being renovated. To date no accountability has ever been provided. The question is WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MONEY? In 2002 Governor Brad Henry promised if Oklahoman's passed a State lottery, all Teacher's pay problems would be solved. However, in 2018 the largest tax hike in Oklahoma's history was passed for 450 million dollarsWe pay this tax every time we fill up our gasoline tanks. Oklahoma has 509 school districts each with their own busses, teachers, superintendents, support staff etc. In Oklahoma we have 698,696 students. Contrast that with Florida's school district with 2.7 MILLION students and only 74 school districts! There is ONE school district in Florida for each county (67) the extra school districts bringing the total to 74 districts. The extra 7 school districts one each for the four research schools, one for the school for the deaf and blind, one for the virtual school, and one for the youth development center. 

Vaccine Mandates

Say NO to vaccine mandates

Dana has always been against vaccine mandates. In fact, his wife Judy was harmed after taking a vaccine. He believes the State should not impose any vaccine mandates and that it should be a question that is up to the citizens. They should be allowed the freedom to be informed and make their own choices. He believes much of what we are hearing from CDC and health officials is being politically motivated. He reminds people of the advice Jim Rohn gave 35 years ago: "beware of the Government that you want to take care of you, because they will soon be your captors."


Spending Tax Dollars

3 ways to spend money

There are three ways to spend money. First, money can be spent on something you desire. You want the best price and the highest quality product that you can afford. The second way is to spend your money on something for someone else. For example, you could purchase a wedding gift with your money. Again, you want the best price, but may not be as concerned with the quality of the item because it isn't for your personal use. The third way to spend is to use someone else's money to acquire things for someone else. In this scenario, you are not as concerned about the price or the quality and that is precisely how the government spends your tax dollars. Dana commits to be fiscally conservative with your tax dollars just as he is with his own resources. He believes that fundamental financial principles that work for people will also work for the government. It's the government's job to WORK FOR THE PEOPLE!


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