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Many of You Know Me

We may have attended RBTC together, or we know you from School of the Bible. You have have seen my wife and I at Camp meeting or Winter Bible Seminar over the years.

When I attended Winter Bible Seminar 2017, I was expecting to hear from God.  I had been praying about running for office for over a year.  I was headed in that direction, but I really needed clarity. I had helped others and I understood that there is a high price to pay. I wanted to be sure I got it right.

Word of Knowledge Confirms

On Thursday evening, Pastor Hagin had a Word of Knowledge.  He pointed to the section in the balcony where I was sitting and said, “I am specifically talking to a couple people in this section.” He continued, “SOME of you have a choice in what you are to do for God.  In other words you could be a pastor, or an evangelist, or a business person and God is fine with it. The choice is yours.” That spoke so LOUDLY to me because I felt like God had told me I had a choice in whether or not to run for Oklahoma Senate.

A Comment Made 25 Years Ago

Then I remembered something Pastor Hagin said 25 years ago. One Sunday morning, he was talking about people protesting abortion.  He said that protesting is NOT how you change the laws that govern our society.  You change them in the legislative branch of government. He mentioned that if he was not called to ministry, he would go into politics because that is where you make change social issues.

One of the ways God is moving in the last days is that he is placing born again, Spirit filled believers who know how to pray in strategic places.

You Become the Chosen

I finally made that choice to run for Oklahoma State Senate in District 36. It encompasses part of Broken Arrow and a section of Tulsa. (map link)  I quickly found out that once you make a choice, you become the chosen.

Social Conditioning

Abortion has been legal so long that many have become conditioned to it, and accept the murder of innocent children because it is legal. I am a Christian Conservative and I consider myself an abortion abolitionist.

With President Trump in office, and the right governor, we can end abortion in Oklahoma.  I truly believe that Oklahoma can lead the way for the USA in ending abortion.  That will be a marvelous day!

How You Can Help


I need your help in four ways:

  1. Like my Facebook Page and share it on your page just Click Here and like the page
  2. The Holy Spirit spoke to my wife and said that this campaign would not be run like an ordinary campaign and instructed us to trust him to raise the necessary campaign funds. Consider helping me end abortion in Oklahoma by donating to the campaign.
  3. Running for public office is a team sport. We need a lot of volunteers to help in many capacities.
  4. It is essential to vote in the primaries on June 26th, 2018.

On that day when we are caught up to meet him, THE WORLD SHOULD KNOW WE ARE GONE!


Dana and Judy

Spread the Word, like or share this page, your friends will also love it and thanks for it.

 Posted on : February 20, 2018
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