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Endorsements | Dana Prieto

Patriot Pastors Tulsa OK


Janice Ponds Tulsa

Tracy Johnson My late husband Rick Johnson Phd. was a CEO strategist.www.ceostrategist.comHe worked with CEO’s from all over the country to help them grow their business. My Husband met Dana when he was promoting motivational speakers from all over the country. Dana helped Rick redesign all of his products which enabled him to reach many more influencers.

My husband Rick wrote the forward in Dana’s book, The Seven Principals that Changed the Planet will Change Your Life. He gave each of his new CEO client the book to read as their first assignment. Rick then asked the CEO’s to answer two questions. Question 1) How did the book impact their thinking in regards to their business? 2) What did the book mean to their personal life? The principals he uses are a foundational tool to mold peoples thinking.

In the forward of Dana’s book, my husband wrote that “Dana is a man of great character.” I know he would be thrilled to know Dana is running for the Senate in Oklahoma and is cheering him on from heavens grandstands!

Christy Gay Zwenger Hear ye! Hear ye! Great news! Dana Prieto is running for Senate. Look at his heart for the entrepreneur! America grew up on free enterprise and it’s high time we re-initiate it in this land! Dana is on the road to make it happen. Watch how he helps raise teachers’ salaries without raising taxes. As a former teacher, this speaks to my heart! It’s a win-win for all! Our friendship with Dana and his family goes back many years. What always inspired me about Dana was the way he always created business opportunities with profit no matter the country’s economy. He always investigates a better way.
Dana is a man of faith and integrity, a man concerned for the good of all. Dana never minces words either. You always know where he’s coming from. His platform invites us to dream again, to create opportunities with our God-given talents that will bless and inspire. His platform offers freedom! Listen to him! Support him! I endorse Dana Prieto for Senate.

John Fisher We have known Dana and Judy now for about 7 years. They have been active in helping us start World Outreach Church in Okmlgee, Ok. When Dana told us he was running for Oklahoma Senate representing District 36 my first thought was your not a politician… your too honest! Actually I believe He’s perfect for the job, With a combination of his strong conservative values and uncompromising tenacity I would be proud to have him representing as our Senator.

Kenneth GryglewiczI know Mr. Prieto as a man of integrity and a hard worker with a positive attitude. He stands for the moral fiber of this country and would serve his constituents well.

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 Posted on : November 28, 2017