“Dan Fisher has opened my eyes to the meaning of “Pro-life”. Pro-life understands that abortion is murder, and quotes Romans 13:1-2 to justify tolerating it. I now consider myself to be an “Abortion Abolitionist” and would encourage people to read further to Romans 13:8-10.” Dana Prieto


It is time for justice for the unborn. Abortion must end. God defines morality through the Bible. Not a man and certainly not the government. It is time for justice for the unborn. With the right people in office, Oklahoma can lead the way for the USA in ending abortion.

Dana Prieto stands with Dan Fisher in pledging to end abortion. He will not just say, “I am pro-life” to get votes and then do nothing about abortion once elected.  Freedom for all starts from the moment of conception.

In this 28 minute video called, The Silent Scream, viewers watch from the perspective of the unborn and learn the background of abortion. If you are undecided about abortion, this video will move you to tears. Warning: parental guidance is suggested.



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 Posted on : November 20, 2017