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for Oklahoma State Senate

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There is a World of Difference Between Dana Prieto and the Democrat Opponent. Join Tulsa County Republicans November 8th in Voting Straight Line Republican.

Tulsa County Republican Party Endorses Dana Prieto

Important Message From Ronda Villamont-Smith Chair of Tulsa County Republican Party


A few of the many endorsements.

Senator David Bullard
Senator David

It is times like the one you and I are living in which necessitates strong and bold leaders. Calm seas do not make strong sailers and we are living in a hurricane of attacks on liberty. It is in times like this when we must elect principled conservative leaders like Dana Prieto fighting for the existence of your individual freedoms. I strongly encourage you to vote for Mr. Prieto and invite ten others to come with you. For freedoms sake. - Senator David Bullard

Oklahoma health and Parental Rights
Oklahoma Health and Parental Rights
Jesse Leon Rogers
Jesse Leon Rogers

Dana Prieto understands the role that morality and freedom of religion mean to our country. As a concerned and dedicated Christian, Dana Prieto will reflect your voice and your vote in the State. I wholeheartedly endorse Dana for Oklahoma Senate District 34. 


Founder of City Elders


consitutional grounds
Constitutional Grounds
Tulsa Area Republican Assembly
Tulsa Area Republican Assembly
Daniel Navejas Oklahoma

"I met Dana a number of years ago when he first ran for State Senate. In the middle of the hectic campaign schedule Dana took the time to help me with Dan Fisher for Governor campaign. The reason he did was because he knew ending abortion was more important. Dana will fight abortion"

Daniel Navejas

Ekklesia of Oklahoma

Abortion Free State


Debbie Taylor BA school Board

"Dana Prieto is a family man who will be a strong conservative leader. He understands the schools in Oklahoma need to be financially accountable to Oklahomans. We need Dana Prieto in the Oklahoma State Senate.

Debbie Taylor

Broken Arrow OK School Board


howard hatcher

" Dana has been a strong advocate and support of our Color Free program. His support makes a big impact on community and law enforcement engagement"

Dr Howard Hatcher

Pastor of IOMTC Tulsa OK/ Founder Color Free  America


Tulsa 912 Prroject


Tulsa straight ahead

Bates Voting Guide



Tulsa County Republicans Men's Club




Janice Ponds

"Dana offers conservative leadership with accountability. These two components are direly needed in Oklahoma"

Janice Ponds




" Dana will be a strong Christian Conservative Senator, He is needed in the Oklahoma Senate".

David Mclain

Former Oklahoma State Republican Chair
Former Tulsa County Republican Chair


E'lena Ashley Tulsa School Board

"Dana Prieto is someone who wants accountability in schools and has strong work ethics and community ties. He's proven himself to be a strong leader of our community. He's willing to consistently stand for Christian Conservative values. I believe he will stand for the people he serves."

E'lena Ashley

Tulsa School Board



"Proud to have an A rating on survey from OK2A! Looking forward to working with them as Senator"

Oklahoma health and Parental Rights

Excited to have received A rating from Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights. been a fan of these people and their work on  fighting back on medical tyranny! Looking forward to working with them in the future.

Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights
Vice Mayor Broken Arrow

"Dana Prieto is an outstanding example of a dedicated Constitutional Conservative leader, who embraces and practices Christian principles. His uncompromising patriotic stance is essential in the Oklahoma Senate. I gladly endorse Dana Prieto for Oklahoma Senate District 34."

Christi Gillespi

Vice Mayor Broken Arrow OK

City Council Broken Arrow

Dan Fisher

"Dana has been a strong supporter of our movement to abolish abortion and restore
proper government, and I know he would be a senator who would support and advance a conservative agenda."

Dan Fisher

Former Oklahoma State Representative

Pastor of Fairview Baptist Church Edmond OK

Creator of Black Robed Regiment 


Bill Ledbetter

"Dana Prieto is a faithful, steadfast advocate for reclaiming and preserving the Bible-based Constitutional Republic upon which this beautiful land, America, is built."


Bill Ledbetter

Pastor Fairview Baptist Church Durant OK


Idris Shelby

" Dana has, for several years, been a vital part of conservative politics with the Tulsa County GOP. His experience in business and dedication to uncompromising conservative principles will prove to be of great value in the Senate. I heartly endorse Dana Prieto as our next Candidate for Oklahoma Senate District 34."

Idris Shelby

Tulsa County Republican Executive Committee 


Since Dana Last Ran for Senate Oklahoma Has Lost Some Great Conservatives

Here is what they had to say about Dana

Picture 018

"Dana is a constitutionalist who will use conservative principles to reform Oklahoma government.
He believes Taxpayers deserve effectiveness, transparency, efficiency and accountability in state services. He will work hard to limit government to core functions. If we do that, we can cut the cost of government."

Tom Coburn

Former U.S. Senator


Pastor Bruce Delay Church of the heartland Tulsa

" It’s not just a political election. This is a major front in the Spiritual battle for our liberty. Dana Prieto is a trustworthy soldier whose time has come. It’s Prieto for OK Senate."

Bruce DeLay

Former Pastor Church of the Heartland

Founder of Tulsa Liberty Center and the Tulsa Patriot Pastors

Reasons to

Vote for Dana Prieto

400 by 400 American FLAG

Not Afraid to Ask the Important Questions

Dana Prieto is a businessman, who is not afraid to ask the question WHY. He asks, “Why did we raise teachers’ salaries by taxing citizens? Why didn’t  we start before the issue became a crisis by giving teachers temporary tax-exempt status while legislators go to work on school district reform? Why didn’t we ask voters to approve using funds from the Oklahoma Commission of the Land Office to fund classroom teachers salaries? Funding Teachers Salaries As Senator, he will take the necessary steps to make sure we get the changes that Oklahoman’s want and need without raising taxes.


Will Always Vote Constitutional Conservative

We have seen a pattern of broken promises and put frankly, we aren’t getting what we voted for. At Election time RINOs suddenly seem to become very conservative. They get elected and go back and vote middle of the road or left. Dana will give Oklahoman's what they want a leader who will ALWAYS VOTE CONSERVATIVE! Dana gives conservatives a reason to get out and vote and KNOW their vote will not be wasted.


we the people 400 by 400
USA 400 by 400

Avid Trump Supporter

Dana is an avid supporter of Donald Trump. He realizes all the left can do is use the media to misrepresent Trump. Dana says " If people would only think rationally! WHY? would a billionaire go through all he went through to be president...UNLESS he  believes he can help the country: For 30 years Trump said he would only run for President IF things got out of hand with China doing harm to our economy. It got that bad and  Donald J Trump ran for office. Trump had the support of many Democrats and He unified the Republican party. If the Democrat party was smart they would have worked with Trump and claimed some of his accomplishments were because the worked with Trump. However it appears the Democrat party is not that smart because they went after Trump with false charges again and again alienating their voter base and causing a mass exodus from the Democrat party."

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