Dana Prieto for Senate Seat 36 Broken Arrow-Tulsa

We can do better.

Dana Prieto is a businessman, who is not afraid to ask the question WHY. He asks, “Why did we raise teachers’ salaries by taxing citizens? Why didn’t start before the issue became a crisis by giving teachers temporary tax-exempt status while legislators go to work on school district reform? Why didn’t we ask voters to approve using funds from the Oklahoma Commission of the Land Office to fund classroom teachers salaries? Funding Teachers Salaries  As Senator, he will take the necessary steps to make sure we get the changes that Oklahoman’s want and need without raising taxes. Dana is a first-time candidate who will work hard to make district 36 a better place to work and live.

Let’s change the face of politics.

We have seen a pattern of broken promises and put frankly, we aren’t getting what we voted for. Dana will give the people of District 36 a good reason to show up at the polls and vote.

Your vote. Your voice.

Dana’s business experience has come from working with some of the brightest business minds in America. Put your vote to work for someone with over 40 years of business experience who knows how to improve the economy without raising taxes.

Better jobs better future.

As outlined in Dana Prieto’s book “The Seven Principles That Changed the Planet Will Change Your Life”, Dana knows that encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit along with good business practices can improve Oklahoma’s future. He will help grow the economy and create more jobs by focusing on what’s important Oklahoma!

Make a difference.

It’s time to get involved.

You can:

    • Volunteer
    • Contribute to the campaign
    • Register to vote
    • Show up at the polls for the June 26th 2018 primary
    • Vote in the November 6th 2018 general election


Let’s Make a Difference!

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